A story of cheaper restaurants!

About the project

Did you that labour is often one of the highest expenses for a business and that for a typical restaurant, labour costs will make up atleast 30% of revenue? Why not cut down on the cost of waiters and provide a more profitable yet less expensive experience to your restaurant customers? By automating the full process and integrating a point-of-sale app directly into our app, we did exactly that! Have a look at a few snapshots of our app!

The application system consists of two main parts. The Airfeedz dashboard and the Airfeedz mobile app(made for android and ios). The dashboard could;

  • Manage restaurant details
  • Manage chains of restaurants
  • Add or manage privileges of users at chain level or restaurant level
  • Manage menus, menu prices, availabilities, etc., and sync realtime with the mobile app.
  • Receive and handle restaurant orders.
  • Keep track of which users bought which item in which quantity.(analytics)

Here are some videos displaying the functionality. (Feel free to skip ahead and watch as it may be a bit too long. I added it for the keen reviewers who want to watch everything;-))

The second type of app were of course, the mobile apps. Both apps looked nearly identical, due to using minimal native code and using react native code instead. That's why I've only included screenshots from the android app.

This is the welcome screen.

This is the login screen.

This is the signup screen.

Select restaurants near you.

Then select from multiple menus in each restaurant.

And then view your cart and checkout!

I know how hard it is to make decisions on the fly, sometimes you just have to make late decisions. Not to worry, If you want your UI redesigned, we've got it for you!
This is exactly what happened with airfeedz!

Project Name
Idea by
Chrishane Amarasekara
Developed by
Akila Helitha Paranawithana
Completion Date
January 17 2021
Project Type
Web Development + Cross Platform App Development + Analytics
Project Length
3 Months
Technology Used
JavaScript, Node-js, Mongo DB, GraphQL API, Swift, Kotlin, ReactNative, React-JS...
Poject Manager
Akila Helitha Paranawithana

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