A story about supporting government organizations!

About the project

While the specifics of this project can not revealed and are highly confidential, what we can say is that this was a project in a very short time span, in a hurry, due to emergency procedures. While it was certainly one of the tougher projects that we've done, we certainly love supporting such government organizations in their endeavours.

Project Name
Bandaranaike International Airport Development Project, Phase II-Stage 2 Package 'A' Passenger Terminal Building and Associated Works - Despute Board Communication Platform
Created by
Akila Helitha Paranawithana
Bandaranaike International Airport
Completion Date
December 23 2021
Project Type
Cloud Service Management
Skills Used
Web Development, Image Identification and Digitalization, Cloud Management
Poject Manager
Akila Helitha Paranawithana

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